2 Nephi 1:15

Yesterday was stake conference, which went from 10-12, and we decided to have our correlation meeting with our branch mission leader right afterwards. The YSA branch normally meets at 12:30, so we actually had a couple people show up at 12:30 because they didn't know about stake conference. Two of them were less active members! We had already met one of them, but the other one was coming for the first time in a while, and he said that he just knew that he needed to come back to church! We were able to get phone numbers for both of them. It was a huge miracle, because we didn't even think about anyone possibly coming at 12:30, but since we stayed a bit longer for correlation in stead of running home to eat lunch because we were hungry, we were able to get contact info for those two less active members! We also found out that our investigator Danny went to the Saturday evening session of Stake conference... and we didn't even tell him about it, haha! His fellowshippers are on top of things!

This week Sister Neeley and I did a "blitz" with the sisters from Spring Creek! A blitz is an exchange where both companionships work in one area. I worked with Sister Tupuola, and Sister Neeley worked with Sister Murdock in our area. We were able to track down so many people and get a lot of work done; it was exciting!

I am thankful for the Book of Mormon. I am thankful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for the knowledge and understanding that we have of the Plan of Happiness. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! 

-- Hermana Nielsen


-last week's mission meeting

-I got to see Hermana Adams again!!! We hadn't seen each other for more than 3 months! 

-Sister Neeley and I

-Driving to Sparks

-We went to a restaurant in Winnemucca that had a tres leches cheesecake.... those are my two most favorite desserts put together!

-pday: Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby mountains

Alma 22:15

This week we were able to do exchanges, zone conference, and watch general conference, so it was quite the spiritually uplifting week! After zone conference, there was a fire between Elko and Spring Creek, so the sisters stayed with us in Elko for the evening and blitzed our area!

This week I was able to go on exchanges with sister Cluff in her area, and we had a powerful lesson with their investigator, Will, in which we invited him to be baptized. When we extended the invitation, he looked at us with wonder and said "Yes! Wow. Are you really asking me?!" The spirit was so strong, and that experience strengthened my testimony that the Lord is preparing people to receive this gospel!

My favorite talk from conference was probably Tad R. Callister's talk about the Book of Mormon. The enemies of the restored gospel will do everything they can to disprove the Book of Mormon... but they can't, for the simple reason that it is impossible to disprove something that is true. I also appreciated President Nelson's invitation to self reflection: if we had a choice between rubies and diamonds, or the Book of Mormon, which would we choose? Really?

Have an awesome week!

-- Hermana Nielsen

-My flawless companion and me

-A horse that belongs to one of the counselors in the branch presidency!

 -Ran into someone while buying snacks at Maverick

Helaman 13:7

This week I had fiz for the first time. I'm not a huge soda fan, but I got the "frozen butterbeer" which was excellent! We also got our first SNOW! In September. Last week I was melting every day. This week I wear a coat and scarf every day. Elko weather! 

We had so many miracles this week! A less active member named Curtis just showed up at church all on his own. We didn't recognize him, but we introduced ourselves to him after sacrament meeting, and he ended up staying for all 3 hours. The members really reached out to him as well, which was amazing! 

We've also seen miracles inviting ourselves over for dinner. One perk about being a missionary, is that so many people are more than happy to feed us. They actually get excited when we ask them for food! So, rather than letting the 15 or so members that feed us all the time fill up our dinner calendar, we have been calling other families that we have never eaten with before. We have been setting up dinners with YSA members that don't normally sign up, active YSA's that go to their home ward, recent returned missionaries that haven't come to the branch yet, and even some less active members. It has been super effective!

Last Monday we were in charge of FHE for the branch! We talked about missionary work (of course!) and watched the video "Dare to Stand Alone" with everyone. We had all the members share the video on their smart phones during the activity. We talked a lot about how they can invite their friends to come to activities. At the end of the activity, we asked everyone to "invite" their neighbor to come play tag at the park, so we all went to play tag! It was great!

--Hermana Nielsen

Alma 29:6

Transfer calls yesterday... and Sister Neeley and I are staying together here in Elko! I am so blessed! 

Saturday morning we had a lesson set up with a less active member, and we invited Wayne, an active member, to come and participate. Well, that morning Wayne's little brother took his car, so he had to call his sister to come pick him up. He ended up being an hour late (so he missed the actual lesson) but his sister is actually a less active YSA member that we have been trying to reach out to, but she lives about 40 minutes away, so we never got to see her. She isn't super interested in coming to church right now, but we were able to share a quick message with her and her brother. It was an amazing miracle, because we can't go to visit her, so the Lord brought her to us!! 

I am so thankful for the chance that I have to serve as a full time missionary! I am really so blessed. 

-- Hermana Nielsen

Alma 40:8

Yesterday Sister Neeley and I got to speak in sacrament meeting! We had ten minutes each, and we were asked to speak on "missionary experiences, etc." So we could basically share anything we wanted. Both of us ended up talking about how the Lord needs everyone's individual personalities in the missionary work, and how everything happens in the Lord's timing. 

A member of the branch, Harlon, brought his girlfriend to church yesterday! Of course, we went and introduced ourselves to her, and we were able to set up a lesson to see her last night. It turns out that she doesn't have a huge religious background, and she is super open! We taught the first half of the restoration, and it went really well. We invited her to say the closing prayer, and at the close of her prayer she said "and I hope that I can keep learning and get baptized, so that Harlon and I can be sealed in the temple." Wow! We hadn't even talked to her a ton about baptism, so Sister Neeley and I were quite surprised. I wish that all of my investigators would include something like that in their prayers, haha! It was a huge miracle! 

We also had a big tender mercy this week. We had to bring a bike with us on our way back from Sparks. Well, we were going about 80 on the freeway (which is the speed limit) and it was already windy. At one point, the back end of the bike somehow worked its way off of the bike rack! We had to hurry and pull over to fix it. We found some bungee chords in our car, so we did our best to tie it down to keep it from wobbling so much. Well, about 30 minutes later, the seat came unattached from the rest of the bike! So the seat stayed on the bike rack, but the back end of the bike fell down. Luckily we pulled over before that happened, but then we didn't know what to do. We took the rest of the bike off of the bike rack, and we were contemplating if it would fit in our car. Luckily, the zone leaders that were on their way to Winnemucca (yes, that is a real place) were not too far behind us, so they saw us, pulled over, and helped us stick the bike in the back of the car. They had to take the front wheel off and everything, but we were finally able to make it back to Elko. Fun times! 

Everything truly does happen in the Lord's timing. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I have to be a missionary and to witness these miracles every day.

-- Hermana Nielsen

-Why is the rest of my district so tall?!

-Driving to Sparks

-Tevin (recent convert) making us dinner!