2 Nephi 31:2

Just another amazing, miracle-filled week in the Elko YSA branch!

This week one of the members of the branch, Justin, who is about to leave on his mission, invited one of his friends to meet with us. He asked us to teach her the plan of salvation. The lesson was so powerful! We had barely started teaching doctrine, when she was already in tears. She said "I don't like admitting that Justin is right... but you were right, I needed this." I am so grateful that I got to be a part of that lesson. She is only 17, though, and still in high school, so we will be passing her off to the other missionaries soon, but it was such an amazing experience. 

We had another lesson with a new investigator, Brenda, this week, in a member's home! The member that referred her to us was actually Brother Nielsen! (spelled the same way and everything) We taught her the restoration, and I was once again impressed by how much our message makes sense. The doctrine that we know answers so many questions, especially the questions of the soul. After the lesson, Brenda came to see a baptism! Baptisms always bring a special spirit with them, so I am glad that she got to come and have that experience.

God loves us. The gospel blesses families. We have a prophet on the earth today. Jesus Christ is our savior. The gospel and the true church of Jesus Christ were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is true. God answers prayers. He has a plan for us. Families are forever. 

-- Hermana Nielsen

Alma 29:9

This week my new companion, Sister Neeley came to Elko! We actually came out in the same transfer, so we are excited to work together. Sister Neeley is such a powerful, focused missionary, and I am excited for all of the miracles that we will see this transfer! We got a bunch of new missionaries this transfer, so in the Elko zone, all of the missionaries are training a new missionary, except for us and the zone leaders. New missionaries are the best, so this is going to be an amazing transfer!

We have had a great week, and we have been able to visit lots of different people! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in administrative missionary work (calls, organizing records, working with ward leaders, etc.) and really successful missionaries know how to use that time to make other proselyting more effective. However, when it comes down to it, I feel the most successful when we are talking to an individual. When we are in homes, or on the streets, the most important thing that we can do as missionaries is teach doctrine, testify, and invite the spirit. As much as I love efficiency, and as revolutionary as the assembly line was... we cannot and should not mass produce salvation. It is personal, and happens one soul at a time. I am thankful for each opportunity that I have to contribute to an individual's progression, because Christ truly ministered one on one, and we should do the same.

-- Hermana Nielsen

-Sister Neeley and I!

-Before transfers

Helaman 12:23

Can you believe it's already transfer time again?! I sure can't. Sister Hull is going to Sparks, and my new companion will be Sister Neely! I don't know her super well, but she came out at the same time as me, and she is awesome! I'm excited for this next transfer, but I am going to miss Sister Hull, and I'm also nervous to take over this area. YSA is the hardest area that I've had to learn so far, just because not even the active members are stable (people move, have birthdays, or get married, sooo...) But I know that we will see miracles this transfer!

Update on Craig: We accidentally set him up with one of the girls in the branch, so they are dating now... weird.

We had a great week! For some reason, it has been so hard for us to pick up new investigators recently. We have been trying so hard to meet with potentials, but for some reason things never work out. Yesterday was the last day of the (missionary) week, and we still hadn't found any new investigators for the week. Right before dinner, we had about 15 minutes, and we saw that one of our potential investigators was home (his truck was right outside) So we knocked, and had our first lesson with him! Later that evening, we were able to have a lesson with another potential investigator right after she got home. So the last day of the week we found 2 new investigators! Afterwards, we found out that both of us had fasted to find a new investigator! Fasting is amazing.

I love you all! Have an amazing week :)

-- Hermana Nielsen

-My beautiful soon-to-be-former companion :(

-Our hike with the zone!

-Hike picture #2

-Our district! 

Alma 38:12

It's been another great week! 

Update on Craig: This week he came to a baptism, our scripture study, and a fireside, and he came to all 3 hours of church yesterday! Craig always says that he won't do something, then does it, and we say "Craig, you did it!" and he just rolls his eyes. He wants us to think that he has given up and that he doesn't care... but he really wants to progress; he just needs a little push!

I had exchanges with Sister Parra in Ely this week, which was so fun. Hermana Martinez is her mom, which makes her my sister! I feel bad, let's just say that I put her through a lot during the exchange... but hopefully I learned my lesson, haha. 

I also got to do an exchange with Hermana Servin!!!! I just love that hermana. She got to meet Craig, and he showed us a bunch of his old mission stuff. We were also finally able to have a lesson with our investigator, Danny, which was a huge miracle! I haven't had a lesson with him since my first week in the area.

Use boldness... but not overbearance. When you don't feel love, and the spirit is gone... you crossed the line.

-- Hermana Nielsen

-Some elders put a dead frog on our windshield, haha. We put it on their door handle. 

-On the way back from one of our dinner appointments in the middle of nowhere...

-Intercambios con Sister Parra!!