Alma 46:12

We had permission to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July, which was awesome! I am so thankful for this country, and that we are free to share this wonderful gospel with so many people! I love this gospel, and I love the commandments, because they allow us to be truly free!

This week I'm finally getting used to Elko YSA. It is so different from all of my other areas, but I still love it. We have so many members inviting their friends to church, and inviting them to activities. I love meeting all these people who are prepared to change their lives to receive the blessings of the gospel (I just wonder why not everyone is!)

Wisdom of the week: "You never know how far a frog will jump, until you poke it." -Brother Dahl
So don't be shy to invite your friends! Invite them to read, to pray, to come unto Christ. We never know how far they are prepared to go. 

Our mission president asked us to study Elder Eyring's talk "Walk With Me" from the last General Conference. As I was reading it, I thought about the ways that Satan works against us. He knows that we need Jesus Christ in order to have a full measure of success. (This applies for missionaries, parents, humans... etc.) Therefore, his goal is to keep us away from Christ. He can do one of two things: he can make us feel discouraged at the size of our task, making us feel doubt and fear, which dispel faith. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, Satan can lift us up unto pride, so that we do not think that we need the Savior's help to accomplish our task. Either way, we lose that divine help, and we cannot accomplish everything that our Heavenly Father requires. We must remember two things: 1) We absolutely CANNOT succeed without Christ, and 2) We absulutely CAN succeed with him. 

Have an awesome week!

-- Hermana Nielsen

-Happy 4th of July!

-If you've never watched the fireworks through a diffraction grating before, I would highly recommend it!

-Beautiful Nevada

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